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    1. Terms & Conditions

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      University of Birmingham UoBFood

      1. Introduction

      1.1 The UOB UoBFood App (the App) is operated by University of Birmingham (the University).
      1.2 The UOB UoBFood App utilises the existing student or staff card (the Card) as a payment method. This is not a charge or credit card and may only be used at Campus Services University of Birmingham catering facilities.
      1.3 All customers who use the UOB UoBFood App (Members) are considered to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.


      1. Overview

      2.1 All authorised University UOB UoBFood App Members will be able to use their Card or App to:
      2.1.1 Pay for items across the University outlets.
      2.1.2 Receive special promotions and offers throughout the year.


      1. Opening an Account

      3.1 Customers will automatically be registered for an account when they sign up for Meal Plan or Business Wallet.
      3.2 The account is personal to the registered Member.
      3.3 The University reserves the right to refuse acceptance onto the UOB UoBFood App.


      1. The Card

      4.1 The Card will remain the property of the University at all times.
      4.2 The University reserves the right to reject any Cards that have become unreadable.
      4.3 The University accepts no responsibility for unauthorised use of the Card or for any funds lost as a result of failure by the Member to keep the Card safe.
      4.4 Photocopies of Cards will not be accepted.


      1. The UOB UoBFood App & Web Portal

      5.1 Members can access the App from this website.
      5.2 The University does not accept any responsibility for any data charges Members may incur whilst using the App.

      5.3 In order to use the app, Members must activate their account at the web portal ( more details on how to this are available on the FAQ page (

      5.4 The Web Portal can be used to check balance, digital receipts and to mark cards as lost.

      5.5 The UOB UoBFood App can be used to check balance, digital receipts and to pay at the till points



      1. Lost/Stolen cards or mobile phones

      6.1 If a Member’s Card / registered device is lost or stolen, it is the Member’s responsibility to mark it as lost by updating their account at
      6.2 As soon as the Member has marked the Card or registered device as lost/stolen online, no funds will be available to spend on the Card/Device.
      6.3 The Member should then request a replacement Card via the Aston Web Student Hub, Once printed; the new card will be registered automatically on the Member’s account and can be used at the till, if this is out of working hours this can be registered manually via the web portal at
      6.4 The University is not liable for any loss of any funds. The University will not refund any credit where the card has been used by any third party.


      1. Communication

      7.1 The University will use, or authorise the use of, Member information for the following purposes only:
      7.1.1 To process their account registration;
      7.1.2 To respond to their queries or requests;
      7.1.3 To administer their account and to undertake any of the University’s obligations to the Member;
      7.1.4 To analyse their purchase history in order to inform of any special offers that may be of interest to the Member.
      7.1.5 To send details of products, services or promotions this may be of interest to the Member.


      1. Withdrawal from the UOB UoBFood App

      8.1 Members may withdraw from the UOB UoBFood App at any time.
      8.2 Members can continue to use their balance via their Card


      1. Limitations on service

      9.1 The University will endeavour to ensure the Card and App infrastructure is working to process purchases by Members. However, the University cannot guarantee that the website, Cards or infrastructure will be accessible all the time. The University will look to minimise any inconvenience caused.


      1. Termination/Suspension of the UOB UoBFood App

      10.1 The UOB UoBFood App has no scheduled end date but will be reviewed by the University on an annual basis.
      10.2 The University can cancel or amend the terms of the UOB UoBFood App at any time with reasonable notice. The University will endeavour to provide Members with 30 days’ written notice in event the UOB UoBFood App is closed. Written notice will take the form of an email to the address registered on the account.

      1. No Liability

      11.1 The University will not be liable for any loss caused by Cards or infrastructure not working.
      11.2 In any other circumstances the University is not liable for any financial loss sustained by a customer.
      11.3 The University accepts no responsibility for any malfunctions, errors or viruses in the software that has been designed to maintain your details or for any incompatibility with all or any hardware and/or software that you use.


      1. General

      12.1 The UOB UoBFood App, is issued by and remains the property of the University which may, at any time, modify or cancel the UOB UoBFood App or change these Terms & Conditions for any reason at any time, giving reasonable notice.
      12.2 The University may decline to issue, withdraw or cancel funds and / or remove a member from the UOB UoBFood App at any time where there is reasonable belief of:
      12.2.1 any abuse or attempted abuse of the UOB UoBFood App;
      12.2.2 any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions and / or those relating to the optional elements of the UOB UoBFood App;
      12.2.3 any behaviour relating to The University that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, or supplying false or misleading information.

      1. Feedback Procedure

      13.1 All feedback regarding any aspect of the local services should be directed to the catering supervisor at each campus. Alternatively, please email

      If you have any queries regarding the Card, the App or these Terms & Conditions, please email